The more focused the values are, the most powerfull is the result.


ideas not bullshit.

Beyon our communication know-how, Beyond our communication know-how, we are continuously looking for the skills that will give the most meaning to our projects and ideas.


Our définition
of communication prestige.

This is the one we reach, when our customers achieve fame, reputation or the promotion of their products. However, it can only be reached with respect and mutual trust.


Become better
not bigger.

2ème Ligne is deeply focused on the human. We promote people’s talents and bring them to light every day. Opposite to a “classic” vision of the company, each of us is essential and this is the essence of our communication agency.


The right people
for the right projects.

We only want to work with the best in their own domain of expertise. Therefore, if we feel that a partner would do a better job, we do not hesitate to include them in the project team.


Less ego,
more training.

We invest massively in training and self-training. 2ème Ligne makes sure to dedicate time to improving communication and people skills through personal projects. This is essential to the success of our client projects and for all the people we work with.


To provide answers
more professional and transparent.

We know how to respond to your needs, even to the point of sometimes changing your mind, but always in the interest of your projects.
Because we do a lot of monitoring, we are aware of the latest trends in the communication domain.


Never copied
always unique.

We don’t duplicate the good words in print or on competitors’ websites. We offer you new strength from original research and concepts. If your wish is to duplicate what exists, dozens of others will do it for you. Not us.


Nobody lives on

if the environment dies.

Web design and print projects use a lot of energy. We are always looking for new ways to make them sustainable. Whether it’s optimising the resources we use, our servers or simply sorting our waste, we always keep a sustainable future in mind.